Watch John Summit Throw Down His Darkest Set Yet

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John Summit might be our favorite party boy of the electronic music world right now, but he’s also one of our favorite DJs. He’s been gaining recognition across the industry for his wide-ranging, marathon house sets. So when we heard his EDC Orlando set was his darkest and most techno-heavy yet, we couldn’t wait to see video evidence. We finally have it—he’s uploaded a high-def, full-length recording on his YouTube page.

This set is wild from start to finish. Since the Neon Garden stage is hosted by Factory93—a new techno label launched by Insomniac not too long ago—it was the perfect opportunity for John Summit to brandish some techno in his library. There’s also an unidentified techno remix of ZHU’s “Faded” in there. Sharp-eared fans are also treated to a few unreleased tracks from his Off The Grid label.

Whether you’re pregaming with friends or simply working alone, this set is sure to get your energy levels soaring. We highly recommend watching the full set below. Enjoy!