Watch Vince Staples Perform His New Album for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts


A couple weeks ago, rapper Vince Staples delivered his fourth studio album. This time, he decided to self-title the project—one that would end up being one of our favorites from him. We’ve been enjoying the new 10-track Vince Staples project since then. On Friday, Vince was invited to perform tracks off the album for one of our favorite web series, NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.

With NPR still opting for the “(home)” version of these performances, Vince is posted up in a gorgeous setting in the Hollywood Hills. With a live band positioned around him, Vince gives animated performances of the tracks “Law Of Averages,” “Sundown Town,” “The Shining,” and “Take Me Home.” We were already loving the sound of this album, but seeing it performed live with a band take it to new heights.

You can tell that Vince is into his new album as much as we are. Several times he pauses to soak in the vibes of this “beautiful music.”

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Stream the full performance from Vince Staples below. Enjoy!