Skrillex Addresses Rumors Surrounding Possible New Album


While we’ve all been keeping a close eye on Skrillex over the past year, today we’ve received some surprising news. Amongst rumors of new releases, collabs and even the return of Dog Blood circulating, today the superstar producer has announced he does not have an album in the works.

While speculation at a new project may have gotten a bit out of hand lately, Skrillex has  definitely been much more active in the past few months than in recent history. Having churned out some incredible collabs with JOYRYDE, Hikaru Utada, Elohim and even one in the works with Ekali, in a recent interview with Billboard, Skrill opened up about his need to step away from the spotlight for a bit.

“You know, people have been asking me about when I have a new album coming out, and it’s a little strange, because I never said I was making an album. [Laughs] Over the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to step away a little bit. I wanted to take some time to prepare for my future and life as an adult, to figure out how I want to approach my career. I just wanna be human for a little bit. I’ll release some new music soon, but I’m just trying to do it organically. At the same time, I still love to make music, and I’m obviously working. I’m actually doing a residency in Las Vegas this spring and starting to do more shows, but I’m going with the flow and trying be in one place for a while. That’s my goal for the moment.” – Skrillex

Set to start his residency at a new Vegas super-club and an apparent new single on the horizon, while we may have to wait a while for a follow-up to Skrill’s 2014 album Recess, we’re all for the larger than life DJ taking some more time off to keep himself happy and healthy. Enjoy!